Alexandra Egnatuk Day 21

Day 21


Alexandra Egnatuk


Today I woke up because when Ian hit our tent, Kendra jerked her hand back and slapped my face on accident. I realized that I was very hot so I took off my long-sleeved shirt and pants, leaving me in a t-shirt and shorts. Quickly, I packed up my sleeping bag and extra layers then left the tent with half of the stuff and walked toward where my van should have been. I had walked about half way to my van’s usual spot before turning around after realizing it was gone.

After I had returned my stuff to my tent I walked up to the food tent and found myself lucky, as I didn’t need a plate, bowl, or utensils. I grabbed a paper towel, a plain bagel and spread creamy peanut butter then walked toward the pavilion where a few people were still eating their breakfast. When I was done I threw away my paper towel breakfast then used the outhouse. I then walked back to my tent hoping that by the time I was done there Ishtar would be back with our van.

Just as I was walking back from my tent with all of my stuff, Ishtar pulled into the parking space where our van usually stayed. I changed my clothes and brushed my teeth then put my things in my bags and bin. When all of the members of my van were at the van we took out all of the bags and re-organized them then put the sleeping bags on top. We then had a little bit of free time so Taylor and I started doing backbends, front-overs, and backbend-recovers.

We were having a lot of fun when Ishtar called a meeting. The meeting was so we could continue and end the tradition of taking a group photo with Mossy on the last day at Seaside Farms. When the pictures were taken we had a chance to take individual photos with Mossy. Natalie and Nicole sang for Mossy when everyone had finished with the photos. Ishtar eventually called “load up” and everybody was sad to have to leave Mossy and Seaside Farms.

We had a seven and a half hour drive from Homer to Palmer. For the first hour and a half everyone in my van rarely spoke a word. Taylor was reading The Fault in Our Stars and I was reading Whispers to a Deaf Dog. The other people I my van were occupied with other things. At about one o’clock we stopped and ate lunch then got right back on the road.

All of the Moose Van had more energy after lunch and we listened to upbeat music and we were singing along and having a great time. After stopped a second time this was at a visitor’s center. I was walking outside with Olivia and as I stepped off the sidewalk to climb into my van I scuffed my shoe on the ground by accident and fell. I was carrying two cameras, one in each hand, so I fell on my elbows, which hurt a little. After that I just sat there because Olivia had tried to open the van door but it was locked.

When we got back in the vans we drove for about another two hours before we reached Anchorage. While we were drive through the city Courtney, who was driving at the time, took a wrong turn and we ended up taking longer to get to Palmer than any other van. It was sad leaving Seaside Farms today knowing that, though I want to come back, I probably won’t be able to come back. However the van ride was the most fun ride that the Moose Van has had during the whole entire trip. I had a lot of fun during this trip and I’m sad to see that it’s coming to an end but I’m going to try and m

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