Alexandra Egnatuk – Day 4

Alexandra Egnatuk
Day 4

Last night was not a good night for sleeping; my tent was the closest to the highway and the trucks that drove by were very loud. Also my ears were really cold because my hat kept falling off my head. For these reasons I woke up more than once in the middle of the night.
This morning I woke up around eight when I heard some people wake up in the tent next to ours. I ate eggs, toast, and sausage for breakfast using chopsticks because my friend said that I should try eating my eggs with them. At about nine-thirty Matt announced our groups for climbing Mt. Healy. I was in the third group going up which meant that after we got to the starting point I didn’t actually start climbing for about a half an hour.
When Matt was done, everyone piled into the vans and we drove for about ten minutes before we pulled into a small parking lot. As everybody hopped out of the vans, Matt called out the three groups again and I walked over to where I saw the most people from my group. About a half an hour later my group set off on the hike up the mountain.
As I crawled up the last few feet of the mountain the other people that had gone before us were cheering and encouraging us on. There we ate lunch and took lots of pictures for about an hour. Walking down the mountain we had to be very careful and even though I was, I twisted my ankle a few times. When we finally reached the bottom I was really happy and thrilled to have accomplished the seven hour trek. When everybody was back we took some more pictures and then piled back into the vans for the ten minute drive back to the campground.
The climb up the mountain was harder than I expected and took a lot of energy. However, when I reached the top it was that feeling that you can’t explain. Overall, climbing the mountain was really fun and I would probably do again.

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