Calling All Past AGLP Participants

What Do You Remember About Your AGLP Adventure?

The front of the 25th Anniversary shirt of the Alaska Great Lakes Project says that over the years there have been 1000 students and 300 adults who have traveled as part of the group. Some of the students returned as leaders and then drivers. Just ask most any of those travelers about their memories, and amazingly they will respond with details that would surprise others. Seeming trivia like who were the eight people in their van or tent, how many bears they saw in Denali National Park, or their reaction to seeing their first humpback whale splash near the boat will be described in detail. Others would describe how their experiences as part of the AGLP were “life changing.”

Any past participant is invited to share those memories or reactions in a publication that is being written to coincide with the twenty-fifth and final excursion to Alaska of the AGLP. Past participants, Samantha Howard and Erin Skidmore, with help from others, have agreed to act as editors of the project. They hope to collect contributions from many of the past students and adults who were part of the Alaskan Adventure (as well as the trips to the Great Lakes that were part of the early years of the AGLP). These contributions can be just a few sentences, an essay, a poem, or whatever form the writer prefers. The editors are willing to provide assistance if needed.

Email contributions to Please be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number in case the editors have questions. Funding for the project will be sought later.

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