Mackenzie Horn Day 20


Day 20


Last Day in Homer

Sleeping in is something I had been missing from home and something I also miss about summer, but today we finally got to sleep in until nine o’clock. It’s the most we’ve slept in all trip and I was still tired. In fact, my whole tent slept an extra 20 minutes. We had to wake up for breakfast though, so we all got up. We were the last people to breakfast and got the last pieces of French toast and a couple pieces of sausage.


After breakfast, we went to Kilcher Homestead (where Mossy grew up). It was a small, wooden cabin that was in the back of the woods. Since then, the trees have been cleared out and the homestead has been turned into a museum for others. They had to fit 10 people in the house (mom, dad, and 8 children)! Mossy is the oldest of all 8 of the children of Yule and Ruth Kilcher. Their children are Atz, Mairiis, Otto, Stella, Fey, Sunrise, Catkin, and Wurtilla. They all had to share one bedroom with three bunks! It looked so crowded, even for just one person. Mossy (Mairiis) and Otto were there and talked to us about their lives. It was so insightful and made me even more aware of all of the things I take for granted. Otto is a TV star, and Ishtar was very happy that he got a picture with and a kiss from Otto. We left the homestead and were headed back to the farm for more free time.


After free time, we had a lunch of sandwiches, which went great with a side of riddles from Asher. Lunch was followed by a drive to a viewing point of Homer. You could see the full spit, the mountains, glaciers, and even the ocean. Each van got their pictures and many people got their individual pictures, and even a couple with friends. The pictures were followed by time on the spit for shopping. I stopped at Salty Dawg Saloon and The Better Sweater, and got my family some souvenirs. I also purchased some ice cream at Spit Licks; I wanted to try something new, so I got pistachio almond. It was a small snack before we left for dinner back at Seaside.


We came back for dinner and got ready for the pool party. Dinner was foil dinners and some bread, which always takes forever to cook. The junior leaders were in charge of dinner tonight, and during dinner we had some entertainment from Mossy. She sang songs and talked about her life as a homesteader some more. She left off with a song called “ Come Back”, which is featured on her album. Then, we had some time to get ready for the pool.


The pool party was held at Homer High School and was exactly what everyone needed. I played a game of “OTTER” with a couple of friends, and we all went down the slide a couple times. We also got to shower, too. I finally felt clean, after almost a week since the last time we showered. Everyone got back and we had hug time right before it was time for bed.


Today was the last day in Homer, which is probably one of my favorite places in the world. We leave in the morning for Palmer, but I don’t want to leave here. All of the amazing people, the views, and how everything feels so homey at Seaside are what I’ll miss most. I’ll definitely be back soon, though. Seaside Farms is such a beautiful place and I definitely won’t ever forget it.

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