Mike Sitar – Day 4

Mike Sitar – day 4

The day started off sunny and cool with a feeling of excitement in the air. My adrenaline was running because I was about to do something I personally have never done before, climb a mountain from bottom to top. But before the long hike we had to make our preparations. The prep consisted of making our first sack lunch, lightening our back packs, and putting on plenty of deodorant. The group then ate breakfast (eggs, sausage, and toast) and hopped into our vans to get to the base of Mt. Healy. After driving for about fifteen minutes we made it to our destination.

Mt. Healy was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was one of those few things that makes everything else seem small. That’s what started to make me think of how hard this hike was about to be. Trust me, the hike was not easy. We hiked over boulders, shale, and roots galore. All of these made it so much sweeter when we made it to the top. The peak was easily the best view in Alaska. Not only was it beautiful but it was one of the few places you can look down on airplanes.

The walk down was interesting due to the fact there is a much better chance you could fall off the mountain. There were the same amount of obstacles going down as up so it didn’t help how dangerous it was. There were only a few casualties but everyone survived, mostly.

We ended the hike by a celebration of high fives and screams of excitement, a moment that I will never forget. The best part of the hike for me was not getting to sit down for a while but to get to watch friends of mine finish such an awesome feat.