Joshua Kilbourn – Day 16

Joshua Kilbourn- Day 16
I groggily woke this up this morning as Ishtar woke us up. As soon as he told what they had for breakfast, my whole tent immediately got on the move. We were having doughnuts (which were delicious), bagels, and cereal. After breakfast, we packed up all our stuff and prepared to leave Seward. Today, we left for Homer, which is one of the best cities that we visit.
Of course, there was a long van ride. Along the way, we listened to music and played various van games. We also made a stop at this scenic viewing area where the view of the mountains were just spectacular. We also stopped at this church’s backyard where you see a huge composite volcano. We also saw multiple bald eagles flying around at both stops. I was absolutely amazed to see those beautiful birds flying around.
When we arrived in Seaside Farms in Homer (our campsite), we had to carry on a little tradition: to run out out on the meadow, being aware of the cliff nearby, and play ring-around-the-rosy. After that, we all pitched our tents and got settled. Where we’re staying is half farm, half campsite. There are many farm animals such as horses and chickens. One horse here named High Tide is 34 years old! Thats over 100 years for a human! There is even a rooster that crows at 4:00 in the morning.
Our campsite is also near the ocean. We were able to go down near the beach. We all climbed up the dunes and rocks and had a lot of fun. There was also this dog named Bear that we all played fetch with. Overall, Homer has been smooth sailing and I feel that we will all have fun here.